Monday, January 24, 2011

Digital Literacy

I have sat down at my computer many times since I left the three day workshop by Angela Maiers to do some reflecting on the whole experience and I still can't seem to get it out of my head in an organized fashion. I know how amazing of an experience this was for me and all I want to do it shout about it and tell everyone. This experience reminds me of the times when I went away to be a camp councilor at a summer camp. I had the time of my life and then I came back to reality. I didn't know how to tell everyone about the experience I had, because they didn't get to experience it with me. I know that my friends soon started making fun of me for telling them all of my "camp stories", but it really was just that amazing!
In comparison, I feel that is part of my job to come back and tell everyone about my stories. It is my job to pass along what I've learned. It is so important for all of the other teachers around me to hear this message. But I'm left wondering, how can I put those three terrific days into one message and how am I going to get it across.
The message that I hope to spread is, "You are Genius and the world demands your contribution".
I am still not sure how I'm going to spread the word, but this is my start. I look forward to learning more through this journey and always remembering each child in my presents is genius and they need to be contributing to the world!

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  1. Yeah! Good for you, Sarah! I've read your posts and think you have a GREAT start to your blog. Thanks so much for sharing your journey!

    -Michelle TG