Sunday, January 30, 2011

Asking Why

As I sit here trying to make lesson plans for another week (that I wanted to have completed before leaving school Friday) I think back to the work that I've been doing and keep asking myself "WHY?" I feel that many times the lessons that are done in a classroom, including my own forget that question. I now know that changing something that seems so insignificant can make a huge impact, so now this is my step two; remember the "why" of my lesson.
When I go into my classroom this week I know that sitting in front of me are 21st century learners. I know that what I am preparing them for might not even be developed yet. I do know however that if I can teach them to become learners that they will be successful in anything that they encounter. So do you suppose if I hand in my lesson plans with "Create learners by asking 'Why'" my principal will understand what I'm going to be doing all week?

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